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MAD POD Podcast

**OFFICIAL PRESS RELEASE** Introducing "MAD POD Podcast": Where Mental Health Meets the Mysteries of the Universe**London, 17/03/24 - In a world where conversations about mental health are increasingly vital, "MAD POD Podcast" emerges as a beacon of insight, discussion, and exploration. Hosted by two dynamic personalities from diverse backgrounds, Thomas Maher, a seasoned Music Industry & Mental Health professional, and Indiraa, the multi-award-winning Singer, Songwriter & Presenter, "MAD POD Podcast" promises to be a refreshing take on the critical issues of mental health, alongside captivating off-topic discussions on Ufology.The podcast is set to delve deep into the latest news, research, and hot topics surrounding mental health, offering listeners a comprehensive understanding of the subject matter. From breaking down stigmas to exploring effective coping mechanisms and sharing personal anecdotes, Thomas and Indiraa bring their unique perspectives to the forefront, fostering an open and inclusive dialogue.What sets "MAD POD Podcast" apart is its ability to seamlessly blend discussions on mental health with occasional off-topic conversations on Ufology . As enthusiasts of the mysteries of the universe, Thomas and Indiraa infuse the podcast with intriguing insights & humour, making each episode a journey of discovery for listeners while spinning some of the best new music on the scene!"We're thrilled to launch 'MAD POD Podcast' and create a platform where important conversations about mental health can take place in an engaging and informative manner," said Thomas Maher. "By combining our passion for mental health advocacy with our curiosity about the unknown, we aim to offer listeners a unique and thought-provoking experience."Indiraa added, "Our podcast is a reflection of our shared commitment to raising awareness about mental health while also embracing our fascination with the mysteries of the cosmos. We believe that by exploring these diverse topics, we can spark meaningful conversations and encourage listeners to explore new perspectives."Listeners can expect a range of guests, from experts in mental health, music, ufologists and beyond, adding depth and diversity to the discussions on "MAD POD Podcast."Whether you're passionate about mental health advocacy, intrigued by the mysteries of the universe, or simply seeking engaging conversation, "MAD POD Podcast" invites you to join the journey where great conversation starts.Stay tuned for the launch of "MAD POD Podcast" and follow Thomas Maher and Indiraa on social media for updates and exclusive content.**About Thomas Maher:**Thomas Maher is a Music Industry & Mental Health professional with years of experience advocating for mental health awareness and support. His background in both fields uniquely positions him to lead insightful discussions on the intersection of music, mental health, and society.**About Indiraa:**Indiraa is a multi-award-winning Singer, Songwriter & Presenter known for her captivating performances, vibrant personality & sublime lyrical prowess. With a passion for exploring the unknown, Indiraa brings her curiosity and enthusiasm to "MAD POD Podcast," adding depth and intrigue to the conversations.For media inquiries, interview requests, or more information, please Follow "MAD POD Podcast" on Social Media:- Instagram: musiciansagainstdepression- Facebook: MusiciansAgainstDepression### Listen to "MAD POD Podcast" on Your Favourite Platforms:- Spotify- Apple Podcasts- Google Podcasts- PodBean### Website: About "MAD POD Podcast":"MAD POD Podcast" is a groundbreaking podcast hosted by Thomas Maher and Indiraa, exploring the latest news, research, and hot topics surrounding mental health, along with occasional off-topic discussions on Ufology. With insightful conversations, diverse guests, and engaging content, "MAD POD Podcast" aims to spark meaningful dialogue and promote understanding and awareness of mental health issues.
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